Top 10 Must-Watch Denzel Washington Movies

Training Day (2001)

In this gripping thriller, Washington portrays the morally ambiguous LAPD officer Alonzo Harris, earning him an Academy Award. His performance explores deep layers of corruption and complexity​​.

Glory (1989)

Washington's Oscar-winning performance as Pvt. Trip, an escaped slave who joins the Union Army during the Civil War, is both raw and authentic, making the film a historical and acting triumph​​.

Malcolm X (1992)

In this transformative role, Washington captures the essence of Malcolm X, from a troubled youth to a renowned civil rights leader, showcasing his immense acting talent​​.

Fences (2016)

Both directing and starring, Washington brings August Wilson’s play to life as Troy Maxson, a character filled with complexity and inner turmoil, offering a profound glimpse into unfulfilled dreams and family dynamics​​.

Flight (2012)

Washington plays Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot whose heroic emergency landing is marred by personal addiction struggles, earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor​​.

The Hurricane (1999)

In this biographical drama, Washington portrays Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, a boxer wrongfully imprisoned for murder, capturing his resilience and quest for justice​​.

American Gangster (2007)

Washington transforms into Frank Lucas, a real-life gangster, delivering a magnetic and nuanced performance that explores complex moralities in this suspenseful crime drama​​.

Philadelphia (1993)

Washington's role as Joe Miller, an attorney defending a man with AIDS, played by Tom Hanks, is socially significant and emotionally resonant, highlighting the impact of the groundbreaking film​​.

Crimson Tide (1995)

This tense nuclear thriller features Washington as a submarine officer pitted against his commander, revealing a gripping battle of wits and ethics under the sea​​​​.

Inside Man (2006)

In this clever heist movie directed by Spike Lee, Washington plays a detective trying to unravel a complex bank robbery, showcasing his ability to engage in intelligent, high-stakes drama​​​​.