Treasures Unearthed: The Top 10 Historic U.S. Coin Hoards and Their Astonishing Stories

The Redfield Hoard

Discovered posthumously in the 1970s, LaVere Redfield's hoard contained over 400,000 silver dollars, including many rare and valuable Morgan dollars, stored in his Nevada home​​.

The GSA Hoard

The U.S. government sold millions of uncirculated Carson City minted coins in the 1970s that had been stored in Treasury vaults, significantly impacting the collectible coin market​​.

The Economite Treasure

Found in 1878 in Economy, Pennsylvania, this hoard included $75,000 in face value of U.S. silver coins buried by a utopian community in the 1830s and discovered 42 years later​​.

Binion Hoard

Ted Binion, son of a casino tycoon, buried a treasure of over 100,000 Morgan and Peace silver dollars in Nevada, discovered after his death in 1998, valued at roughly $7 million​​.

Saddle Ridge Hoard

In 2013, a couple in California found 1,427 gold coins from 1847 to 1894 worth over $10 million, making it the largest known hoard of gold coins ever found in the U.S​​​​.

Aaron White Hoard

A Connecticut attorney hoarded coins during the Civil War, fearing paper money would become worthless. His collection included a vast array of coins, totaling in the tens of thousands​​.

Castine Hoard

Discovered in the 1840s in Maine, believed to be buried in the late 1600s, this hoard is associated with Baron Jean-Vincent d'Abbadie de Saint-Castin and contained early silver coins​​.

New York Subway Hoard (1996)

A subway token seller accumulated rare coins over years, including key-date coins like 1916-D Mercury dimes and 1914-D Lincoln cents, later acquired by coin buyers​​.

Vermont Yankee Hoard (1996)

Frugal Vermonters A.K. and Imogene Miller amassed an estimated $3 million fortune in coins and notes, discovered hidden on their property after their deaths​​.

Reno Casino Hoard (1996)

Rudy, a casino worker, saved over 4,100 silver dollars, including 3,312 Carson City Morgans, through his career, creating a significant hoard discovered upon his retirement​​.