Triumph in Pink: How 'Mean Girls' Conquered the Box Office and Captured a Generation

Worldwide Success

"Mean Girls" achieved a global box office total of approximately $130 million, indicating its broad appeal and success across different markets​​.

Strong Domestic Performance

In the United States, the movie grossed over $86 million, demonstrating its significant impact in its home market​​.

Impressive Opening Weekend

The film had a robust opening weekend, grossing over $24 million, surpassing expectations and indicating its immediate popularity​​.

Female-Dominated Audience

Approximately 75% of the movie's audience was female, reflecting its strong appeal to this demographic​​.

Youth Appeal

Half of the film's audience was under 18, showcasing its resonance with younger viewers​​.

High Viewer Ratings

Over 90% of moviegoers rated the film as "excellent" or "very good," underlining its positive reception among audiences​​.

Cross-Demographic Appeal

Despite its teen focus, "Mean Girls" also attracted older demographics, including men in their 30s​​.

Strategic Marketing

Paramount's marketing strategy, including targeted screenings and promotional appearances, played a crucial role in the film's success​​.

Lindsay Lohan's Milestone

For Lindsay Lohan, "Mean Girls" marked her first No. 1 debut, cementing her status as a teen movie icon at the time​​.

Box Office Rankings

The movie holds various box office records, such as ranking in the top 200 for 2004 movies globally and among the top worldwide non-sequel box office hits​​.