Ultimate List of Essential Gear for Beginner Rock Climbers

Climbing Shoes

Essential for grip on small holds; opt for a snug fit with a moderate or relaxed fit for beginners. Stick with non-aggressive shoes until you gain more experience (GearJunkie​​).


A basic requirement for climbing safety. Choose one for comfort and fit, with adjustable leg loops being optional (99Boulders​​).


Highly recommended for outdoor climbing to protect against head injuries from falls or falling debris. Select a helmet within the budget of $55 to $100 (GearJunkie​​, 99Boulders​​).

Belay Device & Locking Carabiner

Key for controlling the rope during climbs and rappels. Beginners should start with a simple tube-style device (GearJunkie​​, 99Boulders​​).

Chalk and Chalk Bag

Helps to keep hands dry for better grip. Chalk type is a personal preference, and a bag is needed for storage (GearJunkie​​).

Climbing Pack

Necessary for carrying gear for outdoor climbs. Choose a durable material with enough space for your gear (Knownothingnomads​​).

Carabiners and Quickdraws

Essential for connecting the rope to the climbing harness and clipping into bolts during lead climbing (The Campfire Society​​).

Hand Salve and Climbing Tape

Hand salve is used to moisturize skin, and climbing tape provides extra protection for fingers (Knownothingnomads​​).

Climbing Brush

Useful for cleaning holds, especially in outdoor settings. It's an affordable and helpful accessory (Knownothingnomads​​).

Climbing Techniques and Moves

Important to learn and practice various climbing techniques like jamming, edging, smearing, palming, flagging, and mantling to enhance climbing skills (ClimbingJunkie​​).