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Also known as flavor chemists, they combine art and science to develop new flavors.


These professionals analyze trends to predict future possibilities for businesses and society.

Fermentation Scientist:

They study and use microorganisms for food and beverage fermentation processes.

Food Stylist:

These experts style food for photography in advertisements, menus, cookbooks, and social media.

Ethical Hacker:

These IT professionals intentionally hack systems to find and fix vulnerabilities.

Wildlife Rehabilitator:

These experts care for injured, ill, or orphaned wild animals with the aim to release them back into the wild.

Medical Illustrator:

Combining art and science, they create images, models, and animations to support healthcare information.

Professional Snuggler:

They provide comfort and companionship through platonic touch.

Space Psychologist:

They study and address psychological issues faced by astronauts during long space missions.

Nomenclature Consultant:

They advise on names for products, businesses, and brands to ensure optimal market appeal.