Unveiling Secrets: The Journey of Becoming a RAW Agent


Indian citizenship, a Bachelor’s degree, English proficiency, and computer knowledge.

Fitness and Morality

No addiction, physically and mentally robust, no criminal record, and unmarried status.

Age Limit

Generally 19 to 25 years for Armed Forces and Civil Services entrants. Those with experience can join up to 56 years of age.

Deputy Field Officer Path

Clear the SSC CGL exam, apply for Deputy Field Officer (DFO) position in Cabinet Secretariat, gain experience, then apply to RAW.

UPSC Civil Service Exam Path

Clear UPSC CSE, get admitted to LBSNAA, post-training and performance evaluation, RAW may select you.

Defense Service Path

Join armed forces, gain experience, then apply to RAW.

Intelligence Bureau Path

Join IB, serve for few years, then apply to RAW.


Learn foreign languages, space technology, IT, financial information, and energy security.


A RAW agent's salary ranges from INR 80,000 to INR 2 lakhs per month.