Vogue's Vision: 10 Chic Commandments from Fashion's Frontline

Bold Prints

Vogue editors often embrace bold prints, demonstrating that fearlessness in pattern choice can be both striking and professional.

Classic Footwear

A preference for classic footwear styles like slingbacks and knee-high boots in neutral colors is evident, illustrating the versatility and timelessness of these choices.

Signature Sunglasses

Opting for classic, oversized sunglasses, Vogue editors show how a single, well-chosen accessory can become a signature style element.

Timeless Hairstyles

Sticking to a classic hairstyle, like a bob with sharp bangs, showcases how a consistent and simple hairdo can remain stylish over time.

Statement Accessories

While generally adhering to classic styles, Vogue editors aren't afraid to make bold statements with their accessories, highlighting their personal style.

Embracing Color

Unlike the common preference for black in fashion, Vogue editors often choose colorful outfits, demonstrating the power of color in professional attire.

Mixing Textures and Fabrics

Experimenting with different textures and fabrics is a common practice, showing a balance between professionalism and fashion-forward thinking.

Layering for Versatility

Skillful layering allows for adaptable and stylish outfits suitable for various office environments.

Personalized Styling

Each editor's fashion choice reflects their individuality, emphasizing the importance of personal style in professional settings.

Functionality and Fashion

Vogue editors blend functionality with fashion, choosing outfits that are both practical for the workplace and aesthetically pleasing.