Want to Study in the UK? Here are Top 10 Courses to Consider

Business Studies

A top choice for international students in the UK, Business Studies covers economics, accounting, marketing, and management, offering skills applicable in various industries.

Management Studies

This course focuses on company management strategies, finance, and marketing, popular among international postgraduates aiming to enhance their career prospects.


Often combined with subjects like accounting or economics, Finance degrees offer insights into corporate finance, investments, and financial markets, potentially including entrepreneurship modules.

General Business and Management

These courses provide an understanding of both the business environment and organizational functioning, popular for teaching management of money or business.


Law courses in the UK attract students interested in British common law and English commercial law, which govern many international contracts, requiring good English language skills.

Computer Science

A broad field exploring various aspects of computing, offering high graduate prospects due to the UK's reputation in computer science and the global reliance on computer systems.


Economics courses cover a range of topics combining mathematics skills with studies on economic growth theories and development that have shaped societies globally.


A complex field requiring understanding of customer behavior to build sales strategies and branding, popular among international postgraduates for its applicability across sectors.


Accounting courses in the UK are popular for developing real-life skills in demand globally, offering a pathway to professional accountancy qualifications.


Design courses offer creative problem-solving skills in disciplines like Graphic Arts, Industrial Design, or Fashion, teaching students to work according to client briefs and stay abreast of new developments.