World Coconut Day: 10 Facts You Need to Know

Celebration Purpose

The day aims to bring coconuts into the spotlight and recognize their importance and benefits, both health-wise and economically.

Organized by APCC

It is especially celebrated in Asian and Pacific regions by the APCC (Asian and Pacific Coconut Community), which facilitates most of the coconut production centers.

Origin of the Name

The name 'coconut' originated from ancient Iberian folklore. The three indentations on a coconut resembled a human face, reminding the Portuguese and Spanish explorers of the bogeyman or a similar entity called 'Coco'.

Historical Journey

The coconut made its way from India to the coast of East Africa, thanks to Arab sailors, and from Southeast Asia to the west of Madagascar and the east of the Pacific, thanks to Austronesian sailors.


Coconuts provide a vast range of products and benefits, including cooking recipes, beauty products, and construction materials.

First Observance

The first observance of World Coconut Day took place in 2009, commemorating the creation of the APCC.

Annual Themes

Every year, the International Coconut Community sets a theme for World Coconut Day. For example, the theme in 2020 was 'Invest In Coconut To Save The World'.

Nutritional Benefits

Coconuts are high in iron, magnesium, fiber, and protein. Coconut water provides potassium and sodium.

Culinary Uses

Coconuts are used in a variety of culinary applications, from coconut-based curries to coconut-crusted onion rings.

Other Uses

Coconut oil is used for nourishing hair and healing skin, coconut shells are used to make bowls and buttons, and coconut husks are used for making doormats, roofs, and huts.