GPSC Class 1 Post List and Salary: A Complete Gudie

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The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) plays a pivotal role in the administrative machinery of the state. Among the various positions it recruits for, the GPSC Class 1 posts are highly coveted due to their prestigious stature and rewarding career prospects. This article aims to provide an exhaustive insight into the GPSC Class 1 post list and salary, offering a clear perspective to aspiring candidates.

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List of GPSC Class 1 Posts

The GPSC Class 1 posts encompass a range of authoritative positions within the state’s administrative, police, and other governmental departments. Here’s a detailed enumeration of these posts:

  • Gujarat Administrative Service, Junior Scale Deputy Collector/Deputy District Development Officer: Entrusted with significant administrative responsibilities, these officers play a crucial role in local governance and development initiatives.

  • Deputy Superintendent of Police: They are responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing and investigating crimes, and upholding justice in their jurisdiction.

  • District Registrar: Overseeing the registration of various legal documents within the district falls under the purview of the District Registrar.

  • Superintendent Prohibition & Excise: They ensure the enforcement of the laws and regulations pertaining to prohibition and excise.

  • Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development: Entrusted with the development initiatives in tribal regions, aiming to uplift the socio-economic status of these communities.

  • Deputy Director, Scheduled Castes: They work towards the welfare and development of the Scheduled Castes population within the state.

Salary Structure

The salary structure for the GPSC Class 1 posts is quite attractive and competitive, reflecting the significance and responsibilities of these positions.

  • Basic Pay: The basic pay range for GPSC Class 1 positions in 2023 is between Rs 56,100 and Rs 1,77,500.
  • Allowances: Various allowances such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and others are added to the basic pay.
  • Gross Salary: The gross salary is the sum of the basic pay and allowances.
  • In-Hand Salary: After deductions, the in-hand salary is the amount received by the employee.

Job Profiles

Each GPSC Class 1 post entails a distinct set of duties and responsibilities, aligning with the objectives and requirements of the respective departments they serve in. Understanding the job profile is crucial for aspirants to align their preparation accordingly.

Stay tuned as we explore the career growth, examination, and preparation tips in the subsequent sections, aiming to equip the aspirants with a well-rounded understanding of the GPSC Class 1 post list and salary.

Career Growth and Promotion Avenues

The career trajectory for individuals in GPSC Class 1 posts is well-defined with ample opportunities for growth and promotions. As officers garner experience and exhibit exemplary performance, they can ascend to higher administrative or managerial positions within their respective departments. The promotion hierarchy often starts from Junior Scale posts progressing to Senior Scale posts, followed by higher administrative ranks like Additional Collector, Collector, and further onto various Secretariat levels. Each promotional stage not only comes with increased responsibilities but also a significant hike in salary, allowances, and other perks, making a career in GPSC Class 1 cadre both rewarding and prestigious.

Exam and Selection Process

The pathway to securing a GPSC Class 1 post commences with a competitive examination which comprises Preliminary, Mains, and Interview rounds. The Preliminary exam serves as a screening test, followed by the Mains which evaluates candidates in depth on various subjects relevant to the post applied for. The final hurdle is the Personal Interview, assessing the candidates’ personality, aptitude, and suitability for the role in question. The cumulative performance across these stages determines the candidates’ eligibility for the GPSC Class 1 posts, making the selection process rigorous yet fair, ensuring only the most deserving candidates make the cut.

Preparation Tips for Aspirants

  • Understanding the Syllabus: Grasp the syllabus thoroughly to prioritize important topics.
  • Regular Practice: Engage in regular practice sessions to enhance accuracy and speed.
  • Mock Tests: Take mock tests to familiarize with the exam format and analyze your preparation level.
  • Study Material: Choose reliable and updated study material.
  • Group Study: Join study groups to discuss doubts and learn new strategies.


What is the age limit for GPSC Class 1 exams?

The age limit for GPSC Class 1 exams typically ranges from 20 to 35 years, with certain relaxations for reserved categories.

How can one apply for GPSC Class 1 posts?

Applications can be submitted online through the official GPSC website during the specified application period.

What is the frequency of GPSC exams?

The GPSC exams are conducted annually, though it may vary based on the commission’s schedule.

When is the GPSC Class 1 exam notification released?

The exam notification is usually released a few months before the exam date, and can be found on the official GPSC website.

The Bottom Line

A career in GPSC Class 1 cadre is undoubtedly rewarding. With the right preparation strategy and a clear understanding of the GPSC Class 1 post list and salary structure, aspirants can make an informed decision.

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