How to Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2023: Tips and Tricks to Ace the Test

How to Prepare for AFCAT Exam 2023: Tips and Tricks to Ace the Test

The Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is a national-level exam conducted by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to select candidates for various branches and courses of the IAF. AFCAT is a highly competitive exam that requires a focused and systematic preparation strategy. In this article, we will provide you with some effective tips and tricks to ace the AFCAT exam and outrank your competitors.

AFCAT Exam Overview

Before we dive into the preparation tips, let us have a quick overview of the AFCAT exam pattern, syllabus, and selection process.

ExamModeDurationQuestionsMarksSectionsNegative Marking
AFCATOnline2 hours100300General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test1 mark
EKT (Only for Technical)Online45 minutes50150Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics1 mark

The AFCAT exam is followed by an AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) interview and a medical examination. The final merit list is prepared based on the performance in both the written exam and the interview.

The AFCAT syllabus covers a wide range of topics from different subjects. The subject-wise distribution of questions and marks is as follows:

General Awareness20-2560-75
Verbal Ability in English25-3075-90
Numerical Ability10-1530-45
Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test25-3075-90

AFCAT Preparation Tips: Subject-wise Strategies

Now that you have a clear idea of what to expect in the AFCAT exam, let us move on to the subject-wise preparation tips and strategies that will help you score high marks and clear the cut-off.

General Awareness

General Awareness is one of the most important and scoring sections of the AFCAT exam. It tests your knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge topics such as Indian History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science and Technology, Sports, Awards and Honors, etc. To prepare well for this section, here are some things you can do:

  • Read newspapers, magazines, online portals, and current affairs books regularly to stay updated with the latest happenings in India and around the world. You can also watch news channels or listen to podcasts to enhance your awareness.
  • Focus on important topics such as Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Duties, President, Prime Minister, Parliament, Supreme Court, Governors, Chief Ministers, States and Union Territories, Defence Forces, National Symbols, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Rivers and Dams, Mountains and Passes, Important Days and Dates, etc.
  • Make notes of important facts, figures, dates, names, places, events, etc. for quick revision. You can also use flashcards or mnemonics to memorize them easily.
  • Take online quizzes and mock tests to check your knowledge level and identify your weak areas. You can also refer to previous year papers and sample papers to get an idea of the type and difficulty level of questions asked in the exam.
  • Revise regularly and keep yourself updated with any changes or developments in the topics.

Verbal Ability in English

Verbal Ability in English is another crucial section of the AFCAT exam that tests your command over the English language. It includes topics such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Synonyms and Antonyms, Sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Correction, Error Spotting, Fill in the Blanks, Idioms and Phrases, Active and Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Speech, etc. To prepare well for this section, here are some things you can do:

  • Improve your grammar skills by referring to basic grammar books or online resources. You should learn the rules of grammar and their exceptions. You should also practice various types of questions based on grammar topics such as tenses, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, conjunctions, articles, etc.
  • Enhance your vocabulary by reading newspapers, magazines, books, or novels. You should learn new words every day along with their meanings, synonyms, antonyms, and usage in sentences. You should also revise the words regularly and use them in your daily communication.
  • Develop your comprehension skills by practicing at least two passages daily. You should read the passages carefully and understand the main idea, tone, purpose, and message of the author. You should also answer the questions based on the passages using the elimination technique and logical reasoning.
  • Practice mock tests and previous year papers to improve your speed and accuracy. You should also analyze your performance and work on your mistakes and doubts.

Numerical Ability

Numerical Ability is a section that tests your basic mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities. It includes topics such as Number System, Simplification, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Average, Mensuration, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc. To prepare well for this section, here are some things you can do:

  • Clear your concepts and formulas by referring to NCERT books or other standard books. You should also learn the shortcuts and tricks to solve the questions faster and easier.
  • Practice a variety of questions from different topics and levels of difficulty. You should also solve previous year papers and mock tests to get familiar with the exam pattern and question types.
  • Revise the formulas and concepts regularly and make notes of important points and tips. You should also practice mental calculations and avoid using calculators.
  • Manage your time efficiently and attempt the easy and less time-consuming questions first. You should also avoid guesswork and skip the questions that are too lengthy or complex.

Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test

Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test is a section that tests your logical thinking, analytical skills, spatial ability, and military knowledge. It includes topics such as Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Ability, Data Interpretation, Military Aptitude Test, etc. To prepare well for this section, here are some things you can do:

  • Strengthen your reasoning skills by practicing various types of questions such as Analogy, Classification, Series, Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations, Direction Sense, Syllogism, Statement and Conclusion, Statement and Assumption, etc.
  • Enhance your spatial ability by practicing questions based on figures such as Embedded Figures, Figure Completion, Figure Formation, Paper Folding and Cutting, Dot Situation, etc.
  • Improve your data interpretation skills by practicing questions based on graphs, charts, tables, etc. You should also learn the techniques to interpret the data quickly and accurately.
  • Boost your military aptitude by reading books or magazines related to defence forces, aviation, weapons, ranks, etc. You should also be aware of the current affairs related to defence and security issues.
  • Take mock tests and previous year papers to improve your speed and accuracy. You should also analyze your performance and work on your weak areas.

AFCAT Preparation Tips: General Strategies

Apart from the subject-wise strategies, here are some general strategies to prepare effectively for the AFCAT exam:

  • Make a realistic study plan that covers all the topics of the syllabus and suits your learning style and pace. You should also allocate sufficient time for revision and practice.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management. You should also avoid any distractions or negative influences that may hamper your preparation.
  • Join a coaching institute or an online course if you need guidance or support from experts or peers. You can also join online forums or groups where you can discuss your doubts or queries with other aspirants or mentors.
  • Stay motivated and confident throughout your preparation journey. You should also celebrate your achievements and learn from your failures.

The Bottom Line!

Preparing for AFCAT exam is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. With proper planning, hard work, smart work, dedication, and perseverance, you can achieve your dream of joining the Indian Air Force. We hope that this article has provided you with some useful tips and tricks to prepare for AFCAT exam 2023. All the best!


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