IAS Yogesh Mishra: Missed IIT, Worked as Software Engineer & Finally Ended Up Becoming IAS Officer

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The story of IAS Yogesh Mishra is one of determination, resilience, and profound impact. Born and raised in Lalganj, Uttar Pradesh, Yogesh Mishra’s journey from a humble background to becoming an IAS officer is not just inspiring but also reflects the power of dedication and hard work. As the eldest son in a middle-class family, his life took a remarkable turn when he decided to leave his software engineering job to pursue civil services, ultimately leading him and his siblings to prestigious positions in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS).

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IAS Yogesh Mishra: Early Life, Education, Family, Career and Every Other Detail

Early Life and Family Background

IAS Yogesh Mishra’s early life in Lalganj, a village in Uttar Pradesh, was marked by modest means but rich in aspirations. His father, Anil Mishra, worked as a bank manager and strived to provide the best education possible for his children, despite the family’s financial constraints​​. The family of six lived in a cramped two-room house, embodying the struggles and dreams of a typical middle-class Indian family​​.

Educational Journey

Yogesh Mishra’s academic journey began in a primary school in his district, followed by secondary education at the Government Inter College. Excelling in studies from the start, he and his siblings set high academic standards for themselves. While his sisters aspired to become officers and started preparing for the UPSC exam, Yogesh, along with his brother Lokesh, prepared for the IIT entrance exams. Although he missed admission to IIT due to his rank, Yogesh secured a place at the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology in Prayagraj for his engineering degree​​.

Career Path Before UPSC

After completing his B.Tech, Yogesh Mishra began his career as a software engineer in Noida. Despite having a stable job, he felt a lack of fulfillment, knowing the potential he and his siblings possessed for achieving greater things. This period was marked by a growing aspiration within the Mishra family, as his siblings were also working hard towards cracking the civil services exam​​​​.

The Decision to Pursue Civil Services

The turning point in Yogesh’s life came in 2012. Witnessing his sisters’ struggles with the UPSC exams, he decided to leave his job and embark on a civil services journey himself. This decision was not taken lightly, as it came with financial challenges and uncertainties. However, Yogesh’s determination to understand the intricacies of the UPSC exam and support his siblings in their aspirations was unwavering​​​​.

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The UPSC Journey

Yogesh Mishra’s approach to the UPSC exam was methodical and strategic. He recognized the significance of the UPSC exam pattern changes, particularly the introduction of the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) in 2011, which played a crucial role in his preparation strategy​​​​. Opting for sociology as his optional subject, he dedicated himself to understanding the concepts behind the questions and their real-world implications​.

Triumph in UPSC

Yogesh Mishra’s relentless preparation for the UPSC culminated in his success in 2014, when he cleared the exam and was selected as an IAS officer from the reserve list​​. This achievement was not just a personal victory but also a beacon of hope for his family. Yogesh’s success laid the foundation for his siblings, who, inspired by his determination, followed in his footsteps to join India’s prestigious civil services.

Role in Siblings’ Success

Yogesh played a pivotal role in his siblings’ journey to success. After his triumph, he used his experience and insights to guide his sisters and brother. His coaching and mentorship were instrumental in helping his siblings overcome the challenges of the UPSC exams. The Mishra siblings’ collective success story is unique in the annals of UPSC history, with all four securing esteemed positions in the IAS and IPS​​​​.

Current Position and Contributions

Currently, Yogesh Mishra is serving as the Administrative Officer in the Ordnance Factory of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh​​. His role involves significant responsibilities and contributions to public administration and policy implementation. As an IAS officer, his insights and experiences are invaluable, not only in his current position but also as a mentor to future civil services aspirants.

Insights for UPSC Aspirants

Yogesh Mishra’s journey offers crucial lessons for UPSC aspirants. His strategic approach to the exam, particularly his focus on the changing pattern of UPSC questions and the importance of understanding the concepts behind the questions, is a key takeaway for future candidates​​. His story underscores the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in the face of evolving exam patterns.

Final Words

IAS Yogesh Mishra’s journey from a software engineer to an IAS officer is a powerful narrative of transformation and achievement. His story is not just about individual success but also about how one person’s determination can uplift and inspire an entire family. Yogesh Mishra stands as a testament to the fact that with perseverance, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of one’s goals, the path to success, no matter how challenging, can be navigated successfully.

Yogesh Mishra’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration, proving that with determination and the right strategy, even the loftiest goals are attainable.

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