Rajasthan MLA Salary: Complete Details and Salary Comparison With Other States

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The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly plays a crucial role in the governance of the state, and the compensation of its Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) is a subject of significant interest. This article provides a detailed look at the salary structure of Rajasthan MLAs, incorporating recent changes and comparisons with other states.

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Historical Perspective of MLA Salaries in Rajasthan

The salary structure for MLAs in Rajasthan has evolved over the years, reflecting changes in the economic landscape and the responsibilities of the legislators.

Evolution Over the Years

  • Initial Legislation: The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (Officers and Members Emoluments and Pension) Act, 1956, set the initial salary structure.
  • Subsequent Amendments: Regular amendments have been made, adjusting salaries to account for inflation and increased living costs.

Rajasthan MLA Salary Current Structure

As per the latest amendments, the salary structure for MLAs in Rajasthan includes various components, each serving a specific purpose.

Basic Salary and Allowances

  • Basic Pay: The basic salary of an MLA in Rajasthan has been increased to ₹25,000 from ₹15,000.
  • Travel Allowance: MLAs now receive a travel allowance of ₹2 lakh annually, up from ₹1.5 lakh.
  • Secretarial Allowance: The monthly secretarial allowance has been raised to ₹30,000 from ₹20,000.
  • Daily Allowance: The daily allowance for MLAs is now ₹1,500, increased from ₹1,000.
  • Sumptuary Allowance: This allowance has been increased to ₹45,000 from ₹30,000.
  • Vehicle Allowance: The vehicle allowance for MLAs is now ₹30,000, up from ₹20,000.

Additional Benefits

  • Pension Scheme: The pension for ex-MLAs has been increased to ₹25,000 from ₹15,000.
  • Medical Facilities: MLAs are entitled to medical facilities, including traditional and modern treatments.

Consolidated Monthly Compensation for Rajasthan MLAs

  1. Basic Salary: ₹25,000
  2. Travel Allowance: ₹2,00,000 annually (approximately ₹16,667 per month)
  3. Secretarial Allowance: ₹30,000
  4. Daily Allowance: ₹1,500 (assuming it’s claimed for 30 days, it totals ₹45,000; this can vary based on the number of days claimed)
  5. Sumptuary Allowance: ₹45,000
  6. Vehicle Allowance: ₹30,000

Total Monthly Compensation

Adding these figures gives us a total monthly compensation. However, it’s important to note that some allowances like the travel allowance and daily allowance might vary based on actual usage and the number of days the MLA is on duty. The daily allowance, for instance, is claimed based on the actual number of days an MLA is engaged in eligible activities.

Therefore, the total monthly salary of MLA in Rajasthan (excluding variations in daily allowance) would be approximately ₹1,92,667. This figure can increase if the daily allowance is claimed for the maximum possible days.

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Rajasthan MLA Salary Comparison with Salaries in Other States

To contextualize the Rajasthan MLA salary, it is essential to compare it with the salaries of MLAs in other Indian states.

State-Wise MLA Monthly Salary in India 2023

Here’s a breakdown of the average monthly salaries, including basic pay and allowances, for MLAs in various Indian states:

  1. Telangana: ₹2,50,000
  2. Delhi: ₹2,10,000
  3. Madhya Pradesh: ₹2,10,000
  4. Bihar: ₹1,65,000
  5. Maharashtra: ₹1,60,000
  6. Jammu & Kashmir: ₹1,60,000
  7. Uttar Pradesh: ₹1,87,000
  8. Chhattisgarh: ₹1,35,000
  9. Haryana: ₹1,15,000
  10. Karnataka: ₹63,500
  11. Kerala: ₹43,750
  12. Rajasthan: ₹1,92,667
  13. Tamil Nadu: ₹1,13,000
  14. Andhra Pradesh: ₹1,25,000
  15. Gujarat: ₹1,27,000
  16. Punjab: ₹1,10,000
  17. West Bengal: ₹52,000
  18. Assam: ₹60,000
  19. Odisha: ₹35,000
  20. Uttarakhand: ₹35,000
  21. Meghalaya: ₹27,750
  22. Tripura: ₹25,890
  23. Arunachal Pradesh: ₹25,000
  24. Nagaland: ₹35,000
  25. Manipur: ₹1,12,500
  26. Mizoram: ₹65,000
  27. Sikkim: ₹52,000
  28. Goa: ₹1,00,000
  29. Puducherry: ₹1,05,000


  • Highest Paid: Telangana MLAs are the highest paid in India, with a monthly salary of ₹2,50,000.
  • Comparatively Lower: Rajasthan’s MLA salary of ₹55,000 is comparatively lower than many states, including Telangana, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Variation: There is a significant variation in MLA salaries across states, reflecting the economic conditions and legislative decisions of each state.

Recent Changes and Legislative Actions

The Rajasthan government has periodically revised MLA salaries to align them with current economic conditions and public expectations.

Legislative Amendments

  • Recent Salary Hikes: The most recent salary hike in 2019 saw a significant increase in the basic pay and allowances of MLAs.
  • Public and Legislative Debates: These changes were made considering the rising cost of living and the need to ensure that MLAs are adequately compensated for their service.

Economic Impact of MLA Salaries in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan state budget for 2022-23 provides a context to understand the economic impact of MLA salaries.

Budget Overview

  • Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP): Rajasthan’s GSDP for 2022-23 is projected at ₹13,34,410 crore, marking an 11.6% growth over the previous year.
  • State Expenditure: The total expenditure (excluding debt repayment) for 2022-23 is estimated at ₹2,73,468 crore, an 8% increase from the previous year.
  • Fiscal Deficit: The fiscal deficit for 2022-23 is targeted at ₹58,212 crore, which is 4.4% of the GSDP.

MLA Salaries in Context

  • Proportion of Budget: The revised salaries of MLAs, though increased, constitute a relatively small portion of the state’s overall expenditure.
  • Committed Expenditure: In 2022-23, Rajasthan is estimated to spend ₹1,19,662 crore on committed expenditure, which includes salaries, pensions, and interest payments. This is 56% of its revenue receipts.

Public Perception and Media Analysis

The revision in MLA salaries often garners significant public and media attention, reflecting various perspectives.

Public Opinion

  • Rationale for Increase: The salary hike is often justified by the rising cost of living and the need to ensure MLAs can effectively serve their constituencies.
  • Criticism and Debate: However, there are criticisms, especially during times of economic strain, questioning the proportionality of the increase.

Media Coverage

  • Media outlets provide diverse viewpoints, balancing the need for fair compensation for MLAs against the state’s fiscal responsibilities.

Global Comparison of Legislative Salaries

Comparing Rajasthan MLA salaries with legislative compensation in other countries provides a global perspective.

International Standards

  • Developed Countries: In countries like the USA or UK, legislative salaries are generally higher but come with different sets of responsibilities and public scrutiny.
  • Developing Nations: Compared to other developing countries, Rajasthan’s MLA salaries are competitive, aligning with the economic context of the region.

Final Words

The salary structure of Rajasthan MLAs, while a subject of debate, represents a balance between compensating public officials and managing state finances. Understanding this balance is crucial in assessing the overall governance and economic health of the state. The global comparison further contextualizes these salaries, highlighting the varying standards and economic conditions across regions.

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