SNAP Exam Syllabus 2023: The Complete Breakdown

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The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a critical gateway for students aspiring to join MBA programs offered by the prestigious Symbiosis International University and its constituent institutes. Recognized as one of the leading entrance tests for management studies in India, SNAP assesses a candidate’s aptitude for business studies in a comprehensive manner. In this article, we will check the complete SNAP exam syllabus for the upcoming exam, so that you can prepare for it with confidence.

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Recent Changes in SNAP Exam Pattern

In 2023, a major overhaul of the SNAP exam was announced, significantly altering its structure and content. This revamp was primarily focused on streamlining the exam and making it more focused on essential managerial skills and abilities.

Exam Pattern Overview

The SNAP exam syllabus and pattern for 2023 has undergone significant changes. The test now comprises 60 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), a reduction from the previous number of 110-115 questions. This reduction aligns with a more concentrated approach to assessing candidates’ aptitude.

  1. Structure and Scoring:

    • The exam is divided into three sections:
      • General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability (15 Questions, 15 Marks)
      • Analytical & Logical Reasoning (25 Questions, 25 Marks)
      • Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency (20 Questions, 20 Marks)
    • Total Questions: 60; Total Marks: 60.
    • Each correct answer awards one mark, with a 25% negative marking for incorrect answers.
    • Notably, the General Knowledge section has been removed from the 2023 syllabus, redirecting the focus to Quantitative, General English, and Logical Reasoning skills.
  2. Exam Duration and Mode:

    • The SNAP 2023 exam duration is set at 60 minutes, ensuring a rapid assessment of the candidate’s capabilities.
    • It will be a computer-based test, adhering to the modern standards of educational assessments.
  3. Attempt Flexibility:

    • Candidates have the option to appear for the exam up to three times, with the highest score considered for final percentile calculation.
    • This flexibility provides aspirants with multiple opportunities to improve their performance, ensuring a fair chance for all.


Detailed SNAP Exam Syllabus for 2023

The SNAP exam syllabus, tailored by Symbiosis International University, is an intricate blend of topics designed to evaluate various skills essential for management and business studies. The exam’s structure is divided into three primary sections, each contributing significantly to the overall score.

Section 1: General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability

  1. Reading Comprehension

    • Passages on various themes: Facts, Opinions, Literature, Current Affairs.
    • Questions related to passage content.
  2. Verbal Ability

    • Synonyms and Antonyms.
    • Fill in the Blanks.
    • Idioms and Phrases.
    • Jumbled Paragraphs.
    • Sentence Correction.
    • Core Grammar: Conditionals, Active Passive Voice, Indirect Narration.
    • Vocabulary Usage.
  3. Verbal Reasoning

    • Critical Reasoning.
    • Analogy.
    • Identifying Parts of Speech.

Section 2: Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency

  1. Quantitative Ability

    • Number System.
    • Arithmetic: Percentage, Profit-Loss, Interest, Time-Speed-Distance, Averages, Ratio.
    • Algebra: Linear and Quadratic Equations.
    • Logarithm.
    • Progressions: AP, GP, HP.
    • Binomial Theorem.
    • Surds and Indices.
    • Inequalities.
    • Permutation and Combination.
    • Probability Functions.
    • Set Theory.
    • Mixtures and Alligations.
    • Geometry.
    • Coordinate Geometry.
    • Trigonometry.
    • Mensuration.
  2. Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

    • Analysis of Data through Series.
    • Graphs: Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Charts.
    • Tables.

Section 3: Analytical and Logical Ability

  1. Analytical Reasoning

    • Linear and Matrix Arrangements.
    • Puzzles.
    • Syllogisms.
    • Functions.
    • Statement and Conclusion.
    • Cause and Effect.
    • Family Tree: Identifying relationships.
    • Symbol Based problems.
    • Coding and Decoding.
    • Assertion and Reasoning.
    • Sequencing.
  2. Logical Reasoning

    • Identifying the next number in a series.
    • Blood Relations.
    • Seating Arrangement.
    • Direction Sense.
    • Clocks and Calendars.
    • Mathematical Reasoning.
    • Analogy.
    • Series.
    • Coding-Decoding.
    • Visual reasoning.
    • Critical Reasoning.
    • Miscellaneous Verbal Reasoning.

Preparation Strategies for SNAP Exam 2023

  1. General English:

    • Regular reading and analysis of diverse materials, including novels, newspapers, and magazines.
    • Practice exercises focusing on grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and reasoning skills.
  2. Quantitative Ability:

    • Regular practice with a variety of mathematical problems.
    • Focus on understanding and applying concepts in real-world scenarios.
    • Time-bound practice to improve speed and accuracy.
  3. Analytical and Logical Ability:

    • Solve a wide range of puzzles and reasoning questions.
    • Develop strategies for different types of logical and analytical problems.
    • Practice previous years’ SNAP papers for a better understanding of question patterns.


Common Mistakes to Avoid in SNAP Preparation

  1. Neglecting Any Section: Each section contributes significantly to the overall score. Neglecting any one can adversely affect your performance.
  2. Overlooking the Basics: Solid understanding of fundamental concepts is crucial, especially in Quant and Verbal sections.
  3. Inadequate Practice: Regular practice is essential to understand the variety and complexity of questions.
  4. Poor Time Management: Not managing time effectively during preparation and in the exam can lead to incomplete attempts.

Final Words

The SNAP exam syllabus for 2023 is designed to test a candidate’s aptitude in various essential skills for business management. A comprehensive understanding and a well-rounded preparation strategy are key to excelling in this exam. Balancing between all sections, focusing on fundamentals, and regular practice will significantly enhance the chances of scoring well.

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