SSC CPO SI Salary: Complete Structure, In-Hand Salary, Allowances and Benefits

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The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Central Police Organization (CPO) Sub-Inspector (SI) role is a prestigious position in the Indian law enforcement sector. The SSC CPO SI salary, particularly in 2023, has garnered significant attention due to its attractive pay scale and comprehensive allowance structure as per the 7th Pay Commission. This detailed analysis aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the salary structure for SSC CPO SI, focusing on the various components that constitute the overall remuneration.

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SSC CPO SI Salary Structure Overview

The SSC CPO SI salary structure for 2023 is designed to offer a competitive package to attract and retain skilled professionals in this critical role. The salary range for Sub-Inspectors in Delhi Police and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) spans from Rs. 35,400 to Rs. 1,12,400, classified under pay level-6.

Basic Pay Scale

  • Pay Scale: Rs. 35,400 to Rs. 1,12,400
  • Pay Level: Level-6
  • Basic Pay: Rs. 35,400

Gross and In-Hand Salary

The gross in-hand salary for SSC CPO SI in 2023 is estimated to be between Rs. 63,000 to Rs. 65,000 monthly. This figure is inclusive of the basic pay and various allowances.

Monthly Salary Break-Up

  • Basic Pay: Rs. 35,400
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Rs. 13,452
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Rs. 9,552
  • Travel Allowance (TA): Rs. 4,968
  • Total Monthly Salary: Approximately Rs. 63,000
  • Annual Package: Approximately Rs. 7.56 LPA

SSC CPO SI Salary During Training

During the training period, the salary structure for SSC CPO SIs is slightly different, with certain allowances not being applicable. However, upon successful completion of training, the full salary package is implemented.

Training Period Salary Details

  • Basic Pay: Rs. 35,400
  • DA @ 17%: Rs. 6,018
  • Mess Allowances: Rs. 3,033
  • Washing Allowances: Rs. 450
  • Deductions – NPS (10% of Basic+DA): Rs. 4,142
  • Total (In-hand Salary): Approximately Rs. 40,759

SSC CPO SI Salary After Training

Post-training, the salary for SSC CPO SIs varies based on the city of posting due to differences in HRA and TA. The salary is generally higher than during the training period.

Post-Training Salary Breakdown (Based on City Category)

After the completion of training, the salary for an SSC CPO Sub-Inspector varies depending on the city of posting. This variation is primarily due to differences in House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Travel Allowance (TA) based on the city category. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

City Categories and Examples

  • X Category Cities: These include major metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune.
  • Y Category Cities: This category covers cities with a significant population but not as large as X category cities, such as Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Indore, Kanpur, Nagpur, and Surat.
  • Z Category Cities: These are typically smaller cities and rural areas across India.

Salary Breakdown Based on City Category

X Category Cities (e.g., Delhi, Mumbai)

  • Basic Salary: Rs. 35,400
  • DA @ 17%: Rs. 6,018
  • HRA @ 24%: Rs. 8,496
  • TA: Rs. 3,600
  • DA on TA: Rs. 612
  • Gross Salary: Rs. 54,126
  • NPS Deduction: Rs. 4,142
  • CGHS: Rs. 250
  • CGEGIS: Rs. 30
  • Total Deductions: Rs. 4,422
  • In-Hand Salary: Rs. 49,704

Y Category Cities (e.g., Jaipur, Lucknow)

  • Basic Salary: Rs. 35,400
  • DA @ 17%: Rs. 6,018
  • HRA @ 16%: Rs. 5,664
  • TA: Rs. 1,800
  • DA on TA: Rs. 306
  • Gross Salary: Rs. 49,188
  • NPS Deduction: Rs. 4,142
  • CGHS: Rs. 250
  • CGEGIS: Rs. 30
  • Total Deductions: Rs. 4,422
  • In-Hand Salary: Rs. 44,766

Z Category Cities (Smaller cities and rural areas)

  • Basic Salary: Rs. 35,400
  • DA @ 17%: Rs. 6,018
  • HRA @ 8%: Rs. 2,832
  • TA: Rs. 1,800
  • DA on TA: Rs. 306
  • Gross Salary: Rs. 46,356
  • NPS Deduction: Rs. 4,142
  • CGHS: Rs. 250
  • CGEGIS: Rs. 30
  • Total Deductions: Rs. 4,422
  • In-Hand Salary: Rs. 41,934

This breakdown provides a comprehensive view of the salary structure for SSC CPO SIs post-training, highlighting the impact of city categorization on the overall remuneration.


SSC CPO SI Allowances in 2023

The SSC CPO SI position comes with a range of allowances, each designed to cater to specific needs and circumstances of the service personnel. Here’s a detailed look at these allowances:

Detailed List of Allowances with Data

  1. House Rental Allowance (HRA)

    • X Category Cities: 24% of Basic Pay
    • Y Category Cities: 16% of Basic Pay
    • Z Category Cities: 8% of Basic Pay
  2. Dearness Allowance (DA)

    • Currently at 17% of Basic Pay (subject to change as per inflation rates).
  3. Travelling Allowance (TA)

    • X Category Cities: Rs. 3,600 plus DA thereon
    • Y/Z Category Cities: Rs. 1,800 plus DA thereon
  4. Diet Allowance/Ration Money

    • Approximately Rs. 3,000 per month (varies based on location and other factors).
  5. Children Education Allowance

    • Up to Rs. 2,250 per month per child for two children.
  6. Hostel Subsidy

    • Up to Rs. 6,750 per month per child for two children.
  7. Dress Allowance

    • Annual allowance of Rs. 10,000 for uniform and related expenses.
  8. Risk/Hardship Allowance

    • Varies based on the nature of duty and location, can range from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 17,000 per month.
  9. Special Duty Allowances

    • Applicable for certain specific assignments, amount varies.
  10. Hair Cutting Allowances

    • A nominal monthly allowance for grooming.
  11. Non-practising Allowances (Only for Medical Officials)

    • Specific to medical personnel in the forces.
  12. Training Allowances

    • Provided during training periods, amount varies.
  13. Island Special Duty Allowances

    • Applicable for postings in island territories, amount varies.
  14. Detachment Allowances

    • Applicable when detached from the usual place of duty, amount varies.
  15. HP CA Allowances

    • High altitude allowance, applicable in high-altitude regions.
  16. Soap Toilet Allowances

    • A nominal allowance for hygiene maintenance.
  17. Medal Allowances

    • Awarded upon receiving medals for distinguished service.
  18. Cash Handling Allowances

    • Applicable to personnel handling cash transactions.
  19. Nursing Allowances

    • Specific to nursing staff in the forces.

These allowances are designed to adequately compensate the SSC CPO SIs for the various demands and challenges of their job. They ensure that the officers are financially supported in aspects related to housing, travel, family welfare, duty-specific risks, and other professional requirements.

Promotion and Career Growth

Promotion Criteria for SSC CPO SI

  1. Promotion in CAPFs:

    • CAPFs include BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, and SSB.
    • Promotion is based on departmental examinations and service record.
    • The typical progression is from Sub-Inspector to Inspector.
    • The time frame for promotion can vary, but it generally takes around 15-18 years of service for a Sub-Inspector to be promoted to the rank of Inspector, provided they have an impeccable service record.
  2. Promotion in Delhi Police:

    • The promotion depends on the career record, work performance, and conduct.
    • The first promotion from Sub-Inspector to Inspector usually takes 15–18 years.
    • Further promotions to higher ranks like Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) can take an additional 12–15 years.
    • Out-of-turn promotions are possible for extraordinary performance, such as notable achievements in challenging situations.


Career Path and Job Profiles

  1. Sub-Inspector in CAPFs:

    • Roles vary with the specific force (BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB).
    • Responsibilities include border security, internal security, anti-infiltration duties, and maintaining law and order.
    • Opportunities for diverse postings across India, offering a dynamic work environment.
  2. Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police:

    • Encompasses a wide range of policing duties within the national capital.
    • Responsibilities include maintaining law and order, investigation, and community policing.
    • Powers as per the Criminal Procedure Code of India, such as arrest, search, and registering FIRs.

Challenges and Rewards

The career of an SSC CPO SI is marked by challenges and responsibilities. While the job involves maintaining law and order, ensuring public safety, and sometimes dealing with high-risk situations, it also brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. The career progression in SSC CPO not only offers financial stability and growth but also provides opportunities for personal development and serving the nation.

Final Words!

The SSC CPO SI role in 2023 stands as a career path that offers not just a lucrative salary but also a journey of professional growth, opportunities for advancement, and the pride of serving in some of the most respected law enforcement agencies in India. The clear promotion pathways and diverse job profiles make it an attractive career choice for those aspiring to make a significant impact in the field of law enforcement and public service.

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