Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023: Eligibility, Scholarship Amount & Application Process

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In 2023, the Karnataka Backward Classes Welfare Department unveiled the Vidyasiri Scholarship, a transformative initiative designed to support post-matriculation students from SC/ST/OBC/PWD backgrounds who face financial challenges in pursuing higher education. This scholarship is not just financial assistance; it’s a catalyst for educational empowerment and social equality.

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Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023: Objectives and Overview

The Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023 addresses a critical need: the financial constraints that hinder the educational aspirations of many backward-class students in Karnataka. With a scholarship amount of Rs 1500 per month, it’s aimed at those who have completed their Class 10 exams and are looking to continue their education. This initiative is part of a broader government effort to support post-matric students through the ePass (Electronic Payment and Scholarship Application System), simplifying the application and distribution process​​​​.

Scholarship at a Glance:

  • Name: Vidyasiri Scholarship Scheme 2023
  • Awarded by: Government of Karnataka
  • Target Group: Backward-class students post Class 10
  • Scholarship Amount: Rs 1500/month
  • Official Website:

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023 are comprehensive, ensuring that the aid reaches the most deserving candidates. Applicants must be Indian citizens and permanent residents of Karnataka, with their caste included in the backward classes list. They must be enrolled in post-high school programs at recognized institutions in Karnataka. The income criteria are particularly noteworthy, with the family income cap set at Rs. 2.50 lakh for Category-I students and Rs. 1.00 lakh for Categories 2A, 3A, and 3B. Additionally, the scheme favors students from rural areas or those commuting from different cities or towns for their education​​.

Vidyasiri Scholarship Benefits

The Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023 provides financial support to students from SC/ST/OBC/PWD backgrounds, who have completed their Class 10 exams and are pursuing higher education. The key benefit of the scholarship is the monetary aid which is designed to cover essential expenses related to education.

Monetary Benefits:

  • Scholarship Amount: The scholarship offers Rs 1500 per month to each beneficiary. This amount is intended to assist with educational expenses such as tuition fees, books, and other academic resources.
  • Duration: Typically, the scholarship amount is disbursed monthly and is expected to cover the academic year, potentially spanning 10 months. This brings the total annual scholarship benefit to around Rs 15,000 per student.

Allocation of Scholarship Funds

The allocation of the Vidyasiri Scholarship funds is done on a merit-cum-means basis, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution among eligible students. This approach takes into account both the academic merit and financial needs of the applicants.

Distribution Criteria:

  1. Category-wise Allocation:

    • The scholarship funds are distributed across various backward class categories in a structured manner.
    • The distribution is as follows:
      • Category-I: 15%
      • Category-2A: 53%
      • Category-3A: 14%
      • Category-3B: 18%
    • This allocation ensures that a diverse group of eligible students benefits from the scholarship, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity.
  2. Merit and Means Assessment:

    • Applicants’ academic performance and family income are taken into account to prioritize those who are most in need and have demonstrated academic potential.
    • The merit-cum-means approach ensures that the scholarship effectively supports students who, despite having the academic capability, may struggle to continue their education due to financial constraints.


Payment Method

The scholarship amount is directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. This direct transfer method is efficient, transparent, and ensures that the funds reach the intended recipients without any intermediaries.

  • Bank Account Requirement: Beneficiaries must have a bank account linked with their Aadhaar card, as the scholarship amount is credited directly to this account.
  • Regular Disbursement: The scholarship funds are typically disbursed on a monthly basis, ensuring a consistent support throughout the academic year.

The Impact of Vidyasiri Scholarship

The impact of the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023 goes beyond mere financial assistance; it represents a significant step towards bridging the educational divide in Karnataka. By targeting students from economically weaker sections, this scholarship plays a pivotal role in creating a more inclusive educational landscape. Furthermore, the scholarship’s emphasis on backward classes aligns with broader governmental efforts to promote social and educational upliftment.

Some Common FAQs

What is the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023?

The Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023 is a financial aid program initiated by the Karnataka Backward Classes Welfare Department. It is designed to support post-matriculation students from SC/ST/OBC/PWD backgrounds in Karnataka, providing them with financial assistance to pursue higher education.

Who is eligible for the Vidyasiri Scholarship?

Eligibility for the Vidyasiri Scholarship includes Indian citizenship, permanent residency in Karnataka, enrollment in post-high school programs at recognized institutions, and belonging to SC/ST/OBC/PWD categories. Additionally, family income limits are set for different categories, and students must meet certain academic criteria.

How much financial aid is provided under the Vidyasiri Scholarship?

The scholarship offers Rs 1500 per month to each beneficiary, typically for the duration of the academic year, amounting to approximately Rs 15,000 annually.

How is the scholarship amount distributed to the students?

The scholarship amount is directly transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. Students are required to have a bank account linked with their Aadhaar card for the transfer of funds.

What documents are required to apply for the Vidyasiri Scholarship?

Required documents for the application include a caste certificate, income certificate, Aadhar card, previous class mark sheet, bank account details with IFSC code, and a recent passport size photograph.

Final Words

In summary, the Vidyasiri Scholarship 2023 offers substantial financial support to students in need, ensuring that their educational journey is not hindered by economic barriers. The thoughtful allocation and distribution of funds highlight the Karnataka government’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities for all, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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