CGPDTM Revealed: Unleashing the Secrets of Training and Career Growth Opportunities - Your Path to Success!

Induction Training:

Newly recruited employees undergo comprehensive induction training to familiarize themselves with CGPDTM's policies, procedures, and work culture.

Skill Enhancement Programs:

CGPDTM organizes skill enhancement programs to upgrade employees' knowledge and abilities in areas relevant to their roles.

Professional Workshops:

Employees have the opportunity to attend professional workshops and seminars to stay updated with the latest industry trends and practices.

Internal Job Postings:

CGPDTM encourages internal mobility, enabling employees to apply for higher-level positions through internal job postings.


Eligible employees can be promoted to higher positions based on their performance, qualifications, experience, and availability of vacancies.

Performance Appraisals:

Regular performance appraisals are conducted to assess employees' work, provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement.

Mentoring Programs:

CGPDTM offers mentoring programs where experienced professionals guide and support junior employees in their career development.

Sponsored Training:

CGPDTM may sponsor employees for external training programs, workshops, or courses to enhance their professional skills.

Specialized Assignments:

Employees may have the opportunity to work on specialized assignments or projects to gain additional expertise and exposure.

Long-Term Career Planning:

CGPDTM supports employees in developing long-term career plans, providing guidance and resources for achieving their career goals.

Understanding the Selection Process for Punjab Police Recruitment