Unlock Your Success: Demystifying the IRB GD Constable Written Exam 2023 Syllabus!

Exam Structure:

Understand the format and sections of the IRB GD Constable Written Exam 2023.

General Knowledge:

Prepare for questions on current affairs, sports, awards, and national and international events.

Indian History:

Study ancient, medieval, and modern Indian history, including major events and cultural aspects.


Familiarize yourself with India's physical, political, and economic geography.

Indian Polity:

Gain knowledge about the Indian political system, constitution, and governance.

Indian Economy:

Learn about India's economic policies, sectors, and important indicators.

General Science:

Cover topics from physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science.


Revise fundamental mathematical concepts including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Reasoning Ability:

Enhance your logical and analytical thinking skills through practice and problem-solving.

English Language:

Focus on comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and basic writing skills in English.

The Role of the Physical PMT and PET in the IRB GD Recruitment Process