Unveiling Punjab Police Positions: Roles and Responsibilities Explored

Police Constable:

Maintain law and order, prevent crime, conduct investigations, assist the public, and enforce traffic regulations.

Sub-Inspector (SI):

Supervise and lead a team of constables, handle crime cases, maintain public safety, and ensure law enforcement.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP):

Manage and oversee police operations, coordinate with higher authorities, and maintain public order.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP):

Supervise multiple police stations, handle serious crimes, and assist in maintaining law and order.

Superintendent of Police (SP):

Responsible for overall police administration, formulate strategies, manage resources, and coordinate with higher authorities.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP):

Oversee a district's law and order, manage police operations, handle sensitive cases, and ensure public safety.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG):

Supervise multiple districts, manage police operations, provide guidance to lower-ranking officers, and ensure law enforcement.

Inspector General (IG):

Responsible for a range of operational and administrative duties, coordinate with other departments, and maintain law and order.

Additional Director General (ADG):

Oversee a wide range of police functions, formulate policies, and provide strategic direction to the police force.

Director General of Police (DGP):

Head of the entire police force, responsible for overall law and order, policy formulation, resource management, and strategic decision-making.

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