Bihar Special Survey Clerk Salary: Complete Details

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The Special Survey Clerk is a pivotal role within government departments like Bihar’s Revenue and Land Reform Department. It involves handling crucial data, contributing to significant administrative functions. The salary for this role, as per recent updates, stands at Rs. 25,000 per month.

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Bihar Special Survey Clerk Salary Structure

The basic salary for a special survey clerk in the Bihar LRC department is fixed at Rs. 25,000. Notably, this figure does not include additional allowances or deductions, which are commonly part of government salaries. This streamlined pay structure simplifies the financial aspects of the role.

Role and Responsibilities

Understanding the job role is key to appreciating the salary. Special survey clerks are tasked with collecting, managing, and analyzing survey data. Their work is critical in shaping policies and decisions within the department.

Comparison with Other Positions

In comparison, other roles within the same department offer varied salaries:

  • Special Survey Assistant Settlement Officer: Rs. 59,000
  • Special Survey Amin: Rs. 31,000
  • Special Survey Kanungo: Rs. 36,000 This comparison sheds light on the hierarchical salary structure within the department.


Factors Influencing Bihar Special Survey Clerk Salary

Several factors can impact the salary of a special survey clerk:

  1. Experience and Seniority: More experienced clerks might earn more due to their expertise and tenure.
  2. Geographical Location: Salaries in different states or regions may vary based on the cost of living and departmental budgets.
  3. Educational Qualifications and Skills: Advanced degrees or specialized skills relevant to surveying can positively influence salary.

Career Progression

A career as a special survey clerk offers growth opportunities. With experience and additional qualifications, clerks can aspire to higher positions, which come with increased responsibilities and better pay.

Industry Standards

The salary for a special survey clerk in the Bihar LRC is competitive within the Indian government sector. However, it may differ from private sector salaries for similar roles, where pay scales can be influenced by market dynamics and company policies.

Final Words

The role of a special survey clerk in the Bihar Revenue and Land Reform Department is both challenging and rewarding. The salary of Rs. 25,000 per month reflects the importance and responsibilities of the position. For those considering a career in this field, understanding the salary structure and career prospects is crucial.

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