BPSC Primary Teacher Salary: Complete Breakdown, Perks and Other Benefits

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The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is the cornerstone for recruiting qualified individuals into various government positions, including teaching roles. If you’re contemplating a career as a primary teacher in Bihar, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the salary structure. This guide aims to offer a detailed analysis of the BPSC primary teacher salary, breaking down its various components and how they contribute to your overall financial package.

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BPSC Primary Teacher Salary Structure

The salary structure for a BPSC primary teacher is a blend of various components, including basic pay, allowances, and other perks. Let’s dissect these elements for a clearer understanding.

Basic Pay Scale

The foundation of any salary structure is the basic pay. For BPSC primary teachers, the basic pay is standardized across the board.

  • Class 1 to 5 (Primary Teachers): The basic pay for a BPSC primary teacher starts at ₹25,000 per month.


Allowances are additional benefits provided over and above the basic pay. They serve various purposes, such as compensating for the cost of living, providing housing, and covering medical expenses.

Dearness Allowance (DA)

  • Rate: 42% of Basic Pay
  • Calculation: 25,000×0.42=₹10,500

Dearness Allowance is designed to counterbalance the impact of inflation on an employee’s purchasing power. At 42% of the basic pay, the DA for a BPSC primary teacher would be ₹10,500.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

  • Rate: 8% of Basic Pay
  • Calculation: 25,000×0.08=₹2,000

House Rent Allowance is particularly beneficial if you’re not provided with housing by your employer. At 8% of the basic pay, the HRA would amount to ₹2,000.

Medical Allowance

  • Rate: Fixed at ₹1,000

This allowance is a fixed amount provided to cover basic medical expenses. For BPSC primary teachers, this is set at ₹1,000.

Net Salary

The net salary is the amount you take home after all deductions and additions. For a BPSC primary teacher, the net salary can be calculated as follows:

  • Basic Pay: ₹25,000
  • DA: ₹10,500
  • HRA: ₹2,000
  • Medical Allowance: ₹1,000
  • Total: 25,000+10,500+2,000+1,000=₹40,630

Detailed Salary Breakdown

For a more granular understanding, let’s look at a detailed breakdown of the BPSC primary teacher salary.

Component Rate Calculation Amount (₹)
Basic Pay 25,000
Dearness Allowance 42% of Basic 25,000×0.42 10,500
House Rent Allowance 8% of Basic 25,000×0.08 2,000
Medical Allowance Fixed 1,000
Net Salary 25,000+10,500+2,000+1,000 40,630

Job Profile and Responsibilities

Being a BPSC primary teacher is not just about teaching; it’s about shaping the future of the nation. The role comes with a variety of responsibilities that go beyond the classroom.


  • Curriculum Planning: Designing lesson plans in accordance with the state’s educational guidelines.
  • Instruction: Delivering lessons effectively and ensuring student engagement.


  • Grading: Evaluating student performance through tests, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Feedback: Providing constructive feedback to students and parents.

Administrative Duties

  • Record-Keeping: Maintaining accurate records of student attendance, performance, and behavior.
  • Meetings: Participating in staff meetings, parent-teacher meetings, and educational conferences.

Career Growth and Promotions

The career trajectory for a BPSC primary teacher is promising, with multiple avenues for advancement.

Promotion Levels

  1. Assistant Teacher in Primary School: After a few years of experience, you can be promoted to this role, which involves more responsibilities and a higher salary.
  2. Headmaster in Primary School: With more years of service and additional qualifications, you can ascend to the role of Headmaster, overseeing the entire school’s operations.
  3. Principal in Upper Primary School: The pinnacle of the career ladder, this role involves administrative responsibilities and offers the highest salary package within the teaching profession in Bihar.

Criteria for Promotion

  • Experience: A minimum number of years in service.
  • Additional Qualifications: Advanced degrees or certifications can accelerate your promotion.
  • Performance: Consistent high performance in your role.

Benefits and Perks

Apart from the attractive BPSC primary teacher salary, there are several other benefits and perks.

Leave Benefits

  • Medical Leave: Provision for paid medical leave.
  • Maternity Leave: Paid maternity leave for female employees.

Retirement Benefits

  • Pension: A pension fund ensures financial security post-retirement.
  • Gratuity: A lump-sum amount paid at the time of retirement.

Other Benefits

  • Training Programs: Access to professional development and training programs.
  • Educational Benefits: Scholarships or fee waivers for children.


What is the starting salary for a BPSC primary teacher?

The starting basic pay is ₹25,000, with additional allowances making the net salary approximately ₹40,630.

How are promotions handled?

Promotions are based on experience, performance, and additional qualifications. The levels include Assistant Teacher, Headmaster, and Principal.

What additional benefits are provided?

Apart from the salary, BPSC primary teachers are entitled to medical and maternity leave, a pension fund, and other perks like training programs.


Final Takeaway

Understanding the BPSC primary teacher salary and benefits is crucial for anyone considering this career path. With a starting basic pay of ₹25,000 and various allowances and benefits, the role is financially rewarding. Moreover, the job offers a fulfilling career with opportunities for growth and development.

By comprehensively covering all these aspects, we hope this guide serves as a valuable resource for aspiring BPSC primary teachers. Thank you for reading, and we wish you the best in your teaching career!

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