Election Kanungo Salary in Himachal Pradesh: The Complete Details

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Election Kanungos play a crucial role in the electoral process in Himachal Pradesh. Understanding their salary structure provides insights into the state’s commitment to maintaining a robust electoral system.

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Election Kanungo Salary in Himachal Pradesh: The Complete Details

As of 2024, the salary for an Election Kanungo in Himachal Pradesh is within Pay Band Level – 8, ranging from Rs. 29,700 to Rs. 94,100.

Historical Salary Data

  • In 2020, the pay scale for Election Kanungos ranged from Rs. 12,660 to Rs. 13,900.
  • In 2022, the salary was Rs. 12,660 per month.

Salary Hike in 2022

  • Himachal Pradesh government announced a 15-20% salary hike for government employees, effective from January 1, 2022.
  • This hike was in response to pressures to implement the sixth pay commission recommendations.
  • The revised pay scales resulted in an additional burden of about Rs. 4000 crore annually on the state exchequer.
  • The period for regularisation of contractual employees was reduced to two years, and they also received revised pay scales.

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Benefits and Perks for Election Kanungo in Himachal Pradesh

  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Himachal Pradesh Government announced a 31% DA to employees, aligning with Central Government employees.
  • Electricity Charge Relaxation: Domestic consumers, including government employees, benefit from reduced electricity charges. Consumption up to 60 units per month incurs no charge, while consumption up to 125 units is charged at one rupee per unit.
  • Pension Enhancements: Pensioners receive pensions as per the new pay scales of the Punjab government, with revised pensionary benefits.
  • Regularization of Contractual Employees: The period for regularization of contractual employees was reduced, facilitating quicker permanent employment.
  • Additional Expenditure for Benefits: The HP Government spends about 43% of its total budget on employees and pensioners, which is expected to increase to 50% after the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission.

Impact on Recruitment and Retention

  • The improved salary structure and benefits are likely to enhance the attractiveness of government positions, including that of Election Kanungo.
  • The reduction in regularization period for contractual employees and the increase in pensions and allowances contribute to better job security and financial stability, factors important for employee retention.

Final Words

The benefits and perks for government employees in Himachal Pradesh, including Election Kanungos, have seen significant improvements, particularly with the implementation of new pay scales and pension systems. These enhancements, along with other welfare measures, demonstrate the state government’s commitment to ensuring the well-being and motivation of its employees.

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