Daily Current Affairs Highlights and Quiz | 22 September 2023
Daily Current Affairs Highlights and Quiz | 22 September 2023

Daily Current Affairs Highlights and Quiz | 22 September 2023

Welcome to today's current affairs roundup! From international politics to health concerns, from literary achievements to important days, we've got it all covered for you. Let's dive into the most important news headlines and current affairs for September 22, 2023.

International News

Climate Ambition Summit Sees Absence Of China, India And US

  • The Climate Ambition Summit (CAS) at the United Nations General Assembly on September 21 highlighted the absence of China, the United States, and India.
  • These countries are collectively responsible for 42% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The CAS aimed to showcase leaders with credible actions and policies to uphold the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C degree goal and promote climate justice.
  • Around 100 heads of state responded to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ call for increased climate action, but only 34 states and 7 institutions were given speaking slots.

Brucella Canis: An Emerging Disease In The UK Affecting Dogs And Humans

  • The United Kingdom has witnessed a surge in cases of Brucella canis infection among dogs, originating primarily from Eastern Europe.
  • This incurable disease has now made the alarming leap to infect humans, with three British citizens falling victim.
  • The transmission of Brucella canis to humans occurs through various routes such as direct contact with bodily fluids, aerosol exposure, ingestion, and mucous membrane and skin contact.

Mali, Burkina Faso And Niger Have Signed A Mutual Defence Pact

  • Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger have come together to address jihadism in the Liptako-Gourma region by signing a mutual defense pact known as the Alliance of Sahel States (AES).
  • The primary goal of the AES is to create a system of collective defense and mutual assistance among the member states.
  • The alliance also emphasizes the importance of economic efforts, tackling root causes like poverty and lack of development.

Awards News

Indian-Origin Author Chetna Maroo’s Debut Novel ‘Western Lane’ Shortlisted In Booker Prize 2023

  • The Booker Prize 2023 judging panel has unveiled the final list of six novels, carefully curated from the “Booker dozen” longlist of 13 titles.
  • London-based Indian-origin author Chetna Maroo's debut novel, ‘Western Lane,’ has earned a place on the prestigious Booker Prize shortlist.
  • The novel tells the story of an 11-year-old British Gujarati girl named Gopi and explores the challenges faced by an immigrant father raising his family as a single parent.

NMC Of India Awarded 10-Year Recognition By World Federation For Medical Education

  • The National Medical Commission (NMC) of India has received a prestigious 10-year Recognition Status from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).
  • This recognition aligns Indian medical colleges with global benchmarks and has the potential to enhance the credibility and reputation of Indian medical institutions on the world stage.

Important Days

World Rose Day 2023

  • World Rose Day, also known as The Welfare of Cancer Patients Day, is observed annually on September 22nd.
  • The day is dedicated to honoring and supporting individuals worldwide who are courageously battling cancer.
  • World Rose Day finds its roots in the touching story of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian cancer patient diagnosed with one of the rarest blood cancers, Askin’s Tumor.

World Rhino Day 2023

  • World Rhino Day is observed annually on September 22nd and aims at raising awareness about the critical plight of the rhinoceros species.
  • The day serves as a platform to highlight the challenges these magnificent creatures face and the urgent need for conservation efforts.
  • Various organizations and individuals discuss and promote conservation strategies and projects aimed at protecting rhino populations.


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