From IIT Campuses to YouTube: How Top Students Are Guiding JEE Aspirants
From IIT Campuses to YouTube: How Top Students Are Guiding JEE Aspirants

From IIT Campuses to YouTube: How Top Students Are Guiding JEE Aspirants

While excelling in their academic pursuits, some students from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are taking their skills to YouTube to educate and inspire Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) aspirants. These students have leveraged their high ranks in JEE Advanced to build a following and offer valuable insights into exam preparation and campus life.

The Pioneers of Online Mentorship

Eknoor Singh from IIT Bombay

Eknoor Singh, a final-year BTech Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Bombay, has been creating YouTube content since 2020. With 131k followers, his channel focuses on JEE Advanced preparation tips and campus life. Singh aims to fill the learning gaps that most students face during their JEE preparation.

Tatsam Ranjan from IIT Delhi

Tatsam Ranjan, pursuing a dual degree in Mathematics and Computing at IIT Delhi, started his YouTube channel to offer practical advice to JEE aspirants. Dissatisfied with the existing online tutorials, Ranjan decided to create content that is both impactful and easy to understand.

Rushi Kale from IIT Bombay

Rushi Kale, a final-year civil engineering student at IIT Bombay, aims to create a one-stop IIT-related YouTube channel. Inspired by other YouTubers, Kale documents his college life and offers insights to JEE aspirants. His channel has garnered over 46.5k followers.

Kalpit Veerwal and AcadBoost

Kalpit Veerwal, an IIT Bombay graduate, started his YouTube journey in 2018 with his company AcadBoost. With over 334k followers, his channel focuses on preparation videos for IIT JEE Main, NEET, and skill learning for students from Class 9 to 12.

Balancing Academics and Content Creation

Most of these students have managed to balance their academic responsibilities with their passion for content creation. They use time management tools and prioritize their activities to ensure they excel in both spheres.

The Impact and Future Plans

These channels have not only helped the creators gain recognition but have also been instrumental in guiding JEE aspirants. Whether it's about filling learning gaps, offering practical advice, or providing a glimpse into campus life, these students are making a significant impact.


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