From Struggles to Success: The Inspiring Journey of India's Youngest IAS Officers
From Struggles to Success: The Inspiring Journey of India's Youngest IAS Officers

From Struggles to Success: The Inspiring Journey of India's Youngest IAS Officers

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is not just one of the toughest exams in India, but it's also considered one of the most challenging in the world. While some candidates take years to clear it, others defy all odds to set new records. This article delves into the incredible journeys of Ansar Shaikh, Tina Dabi, Simi Karan, Ira Singhal, and Saumya Sharma, who have become role models for every UPSC aspirant.

Ansar Shaikh: The Youngest IAS Officer

Ansar Shaikh hails from Jalna village in Maharashtra, where his father drives a rickshaw for a living. Despite the financial constraints and pressures to quit school, Ansar persevered. Scoring 91% in his 12th-grade exams, he silenced his critics at home. Working 12-hour shifts, he prepared for the UPSC exam and cleared it in 2015 with a rank of 361, becoming an IAS officer at the young age of 21.

Tina Dabi: The All-India Topper

Tina Dabi is one of the most talked-about IAS officers in India. Coming from a family of government employees, Tina was a CBSE board topper in 12th grade. She scored perfect marks in Political Science and History and became the All-India Topper in her first UPSC attempt in 2015.

Simi Karan: The Engineer Turned IAS Officer

Simi Karan, from Odisha, became an IAS officer at the age of 22. After completing her 12th grade, she enrolled in IIT Bombay. During her studies, she had the opportunity to teach children living in slums, which inspired her to serve the nation. She left engineering and started preparing for the UPSC exam, eventually securing the 31st rank in 2019.

Ira Singhal: The Fighter

Ira Singhal, from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, completed her MBA after her B.Tech. Suffering from a condition called Scoliosis, she was differently-abled from childhood. Despite clearing the UPSC exam three times, she was denied posting due to her disability. She challenged this decision in the Central Administrative Tribunal and won. In 2014, she topped the exam and became an IAS officer.

Saumya Sharma: The Resilient Spirit

Saumya Sharma, a resident of Delhi, studied law. She lost her hearing ability due to an accident during her school days. Just days before the UPSC Mains exam, her health deteriorated severely. Despite these challenges, she managed to secure the 9th rank and became an IAS officer.

These stories are not just about clearing an exam; they are narratives of grit, determination, and an indomitable spirit. Each of these individuals has set an example that with hard work and perseverance, no obstacle is too big to overcome.


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