JNU in News: Controversy Erupts Over JNU's Job Offer -  ₹500 for a 90-Minute Lecture
JNU in News: Controversy Erupts Over JNU's Job Offer - ₹500 for a 90-Minute Lecture

JNU in News: Controversy Erupts Over JNU's Job Offer - ₹500 for a 90-Minute Lecture

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), one of India's most prestigious educational institutions, has recently come under fire for a job notice issued by its Centre for Arabic and African Studies. The notice has sparked widespread criticism on social media platforms for offering a meager ₹500 ($6.7) for a 90-minute lecture. The payment is conditional on the availability of funds, adding another layer of controversy to the issue.

The Job Notice

The Centre for Arabic and African Studies, part of JNU's School of Language, Literature, and Culture Studies, issued the job notice on September 18, 2023. The notice invited applications from candidates who have passed the UGC NET (University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) for the position of "Remedial Tutor." The notice explicitly stated that the remuneration for a 90-minute lecture would be ₹500, subject to the availability of funds.

Public Outrage

The job offer has been met with severe criticism on social media platforms. Abhay Kumar, a Ph.D. student of history at JNU, expressed his dismay on his social media handle, stating, "JNU professors earn in lakhs, and a guest professor is paid just ₹500 for a 90-minute remedial class. Nothing could be more shameful and exploitative." Another research scholar, Saiyab Bilawal, posted, "This is a disgraceful situation for JNU. Offering ₹500 for 1.5 hours of teaching (conditional on fund availability) is unacceptable."

University's Response

Mujibur Rahman, the head of the Centre for Arabic and African Studies, defended the remuneration, stating that the decision was made by the university and not the center. He mentioned that the center had issued the notice for the recruitment of three remedial tutors based on a proforma provided by the university.

Remedial Classes: A Closer Look

A former JNUSU (Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union) office-bearer revealed that the university has a system where students can take remedial classes for subjects they find challenging. Regular teachers have limited time, and that's why Ph.D. students are often appointed to teach these remedial classes.

As of now, JNU has not issued any official statement on its website or social media handles regarding the controversy. The issue raises serious questions about the value of educators in one of the country's top educational institutions and opens up a broader discussion on the financial exploitation of academic professionals.


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