Social Impact: The New Game-Changer in Hiring
Social Impact: The New Game-Changer in Hiring

Social Impact: The New Game-Changer in Hiring

In today’s job market, the criteria for hiring are rapidly evolving. Gone are the days when technical skills and qualifications alone would guarantee a job. Now, there's a growing emphasis on social impact and soft skills. Let's explore how these factors are becoming crucial in the hiring process.

The Rise of Social Impact in Hiring

Importance of Soft Skills

  • Teamwork and Cooperation: Abilities like working in a team and possessing a cooperative spirit are increasingly valued.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing one's emotions and empathizing with others.

Tech Schools Leading the Charge

  • Tech Education: 40% of the top 50 positions are held by individuals from tech schools, highlighting the importance of a tech-savvy workforce.

Why Social Impact Matters

Corporate Responsibility

  • Societal Contribution: Companies are looking for candidates who can contribute positively to society.
  • Ethical Practices: Awareness and implementation of ethical practices in business operations.

Brand Image and Reputation

  • Public Perception: Companies are conscious of their image and seek employees who align with their values.

Skills for Social Impact

Understanding Sustainability

  • Sustainability Knowledge: Familiarity with sustainable practices in your industry can set you apart.
  • Green Skills: Skills related to environmental management and sustainable business practices.

Community Involvement

  • Volunteer Experience: Volunteering can demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.
  • Community Projects: Involvement in community projects showcases leadership and organizational skills.

Preparing for the Social Impact Era

Develop Relevant Skills

  • Soft Skill Development: Enhance your communication, teamwork, and emotional intelligence skills.
  • Sustainability Courses: Consider courses or certifications in sustainability or ethical business practices.

Showcase Your Impact

  • Resume and Interviews: Highlight your experiences and contributions in social impact activities.
  • Social Media Presence: Use your online profiles to showcase your commitment to social causes.


The inclusion of social impact in the hiring process is a clear indication that the job market is shifting towards a more holistic approach. Candidates who can demonstrate a blend of technical skills, soft skills, and a commitment to social responsibility are likely to stand out.


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