Salary of a UP Police Constable: The Complete Breakdown and Other Benefits

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The role of a Police Constable in Uttar Pradesh is not just about maintaining law and order; it’s a position that comes with its own set of financial rewards and benefits. Understanding the salary structure is crucial for anyone aspiring to join the force. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the salary of a UP Police Constable, including basic pay, in-hand salary, and additional benefits.

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UP Police Constable Salary: Complete Breakdown

Basic Salary

The basic salary is the foundational component of the salary of a UP Police Constable. It is the fixed amount paid before any allowances or deductions.

  • Basic Salary Range: ₹21,700 – ₹40,000
  • Comparison with Other States:
    • Maharashtra: ₹22,000 – ₹42,000
    • Delhi: ₹23,000 – ₹45,000

Table: Basic Salary Comparison

State Basic Salary Range
UP ₹21,700 – ₹40,000
Maharashtra ₹22,000 – ₹42,000
Delhi ₹23,000 – ₹45,000

The basic salary is determined by the rank and years of service. It’s essential to note that the basic salary can vary based on the location of posting and additional duties assigned.

In-hand Salary

The in-hand salary is what an employee receives after all the deductions. For a UP Police Constable, the in-hand salary varies based on several factors like years of service, location, and additional duties.

  • Monthly In-hand Salary: ₹30,000 – ₹40,000
  • Annual In-hand Salary: ₹4,20,000 – ₹4,80,000
  • Factors Affecting In-hand Salary:
    • Years of service
    • Location of posting
    • Additional duties

The in-hand salary is an essential factor to consider when evaluating the overall compensation package. It’s the amount you’ll actually receive, and it’s crucial for budgeting and financial planning.

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Grade Pay and 7th Pay Commission

Grade pay is an additional payment to the basic salary, and it varies based on the rank and responsibilities. The salary of a UP Police Constable is also influenced by the 7th Pay Commission, which has standardized the pay structure across various government jobs.

  • Grade Pay: ₹7,200
  • 7th Pay Commission Benefits:
    • Standardized pay scales
    • Revised allowances

The 7th Pay Commission has brought about significant changes in the salary structure, making it more transparent and standardized. This is particularly beneficial for those who are new to the force.

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Additional Benefits and Allowances

Apart from the basic and in-hand salary, a UP Police Constable is entitled to various allowances and benefits. These include:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Adjusted as per inflation rates
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): Based on the city of posting
  • Travel Allowance (TA): For official travels
  • Medical Allowance: For healthcare needs

Table: Common Allowances

Allowance Description
DA Adjusted as per inflation
HRA Based on city of posting
TA For official travels
Medical For healthcare needs

These allowances are not just additional income; they are designed to cover specific expenses that a UP Police Constable might incur during their service.

Salary During Probation

The probation period is a critical phase in the career of a UP Police Constable. During this time, the constable undergoes rigorous training and assessment to ensure they are fit for the role.

  • Probation Period: 2 years
  • Salary During Probation: ₹25,000 – ₹30,000
  • Expectations and Responsibilities:
    • Training in law enforcement techniques
    • Community service and public relations
    • Basic administrative tasks such as filing reports and maintaining records

The salary during probation is generally lower than the regular in-hand salary. This is because the probation period is considered a training phase, and the constable is not yet fully inducted into the service. However, even during this period, the constable is entitled to certain allowances and benefits.

Salary Progression

The salary of a UP Police Constable is not static; it increases over time based on performance, promotions, and years of service.

  • Salary After 5 Years: 30% to 50% increase
  • Salary After 10 Years: Up to double the starting salary
  • Factors Affecting Salary Progression:
    • Performance reviews and appraisals
    • Promotions and rank upgrades
    • Additional qualifications and training

Salary progression is an essential aspect of long-term career planning. With each promotion or successful performance review, the constable can expect a significant bump in their salary, making the role financially rewarding in the long run.

Job Profile and Responsibilities

Understanding the job profile and responsibilities is essential for anyone interested in the salary of a UP Police Constable. The role involves a wide range of duties, including:

  • Law Enforcement: Ensuring law and order in the assigned area, which may involve patrolling, investigations, and arrests.
  • Community Service: Aiding the public in various capacities, such as resolving disputes, providing security during events, and assisting in emergency situations.
  • Administrative Tasks: Paperwork, reporting, and other office duties like maintaining records, filing FIRs, and coordinating with other departments.

The responsibilities are not just confined to law enforcement; they extend to community service and administrative tasks, making the role diverse and challenging.

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Career Growth and Promotions

Career growth is an integral part of the salary structure of a UP Police Constable. Opportunities for promotions and career advancements are abundant, provided one meets the eligibility criteria.

  • Promotion Opportunities:
    • Head Constable
    • Assistant Sub-Inspector
    • Sub-Inspector
  • Eligibility Criteria for Promotions:
    • Years of service (usually a minimum of 5 years for the first promotion)
    • Performance reviews and appraisals
    • Additional qualifications like higher education or specialized training

Promotions come with an increase in responsibilities and, consequently, an increase in salary and benefits. This makes the career path of a UP Police Constable not just challenging but also rewarding.

Comparison with Other State Police Salaries

A comparative analysis can provide a better understanding of the salary of a UP Police Constable in relation to other states.

Table: Salary Comparison with Other States

State Basic Salary Range In-hand Salary Range
UP ₹21,700 – ₹40,000 ₹30,000 – ₹40,000
Maharashtra ₹22,000 – ₹42,000 ₹32,000 – ₹44,000
Delhi ₹23,000 – ₹45,000 ₹35,000 – ₹50,000

This comparison is crucial for those who are considering a career in law enforcement but are open to opportunities in different states. It helps in making an informed decision based on financial considerations.


What is the basic salary of a UP Police Constable?

Basic salary of UP Police constable is ₹21,700 – ₹40,000

How does the salary progress over time?

UP police constable salary increases by 30% to 50% after 5 years

What are the additional benefits?

DA, HRA, TA, Medical Allowance are provided as additional benefits

Final Words

The salary of a UP Police Constable is not just about the numbers; it’s a comprehensive package that includes basic pay, allowances, and benefits. With opportunities for career growth and a wide range of responsibilities, the role is financially rewarding and professionally fulfilling.

By understanding all these aspects, you can make an informed decision about pursuing a career as a UP Police Constable. Whether you’re an aspiring candidate or someone interested in the law enforcement sector, this guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to understand the financial and professional aspects of the role.

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